Insurance Products

The specific type of housing within a portfolio dictates which insurance carriers are willing to write that business. Carriers are often times only willing to write a certain specific type of housing or may charge uncompetitive rates for housing classes outside their preferred areas. We offer an array of insurance solutions for the full spectrum of habitational risks across the country. Our company was founded on an ownership-level understanding of each these individually unique and complex housing industries.

Federally Administered Housing Programs

Portfolio risks that include government subsidized rental units of any type have long been charged exorbitant premiums in the property and casualty marketplace. These are looked at as higher risk properties that carriers have placed additional premiums on in order to insure. At NHI, backed by the long-term experience of our principals and key staff in the affordable housing industry, we have developed proprietary marketing approaches that consistently generate double digit premium savings and improved coverages for properties with any affordability component.

Commercial Property - Equipment Breakdown - Builder's Risk - Ordinance of Law - Vacant Building - Earthquake - Flood - Monoline Wind and Hail - Tier 1 Wind and Hail Deductible Buy Downs - Commercial General Liability – Professional Liability - Excess Liability - Worker's Compensation - Commercial Auto - Environmental - Tenant Discrimination - Tax Credit Insurance - Utility Bonds - Errors and Omissions (For-Profit and Non-Profit) - Director and Officers - Fidelity Bonds

A sampling of the types of federal programs that qualify for these programs are included below:

  • Section 8 Project Based Assistance
  • Section 8 Tenant Based Assistance
  • Section 42 Low Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC)
  • Section 202 Supportive Housing for the Elderly
  • Section 221(d)(3) and 221 (d)(4) Interest Rate Subsidy
  • Section 236 Interest Rate Subsidy
  • Section 514/516 Rural Rental Housing
  • Section 515 Rural Rental Housing
  • Section 521 Rural Rental Housing
  • Section 811 Supportive Housing for Persons with Disabilities
  • HOME Investment Partnerships Program
  • State and Local Housing Authority Programs

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