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Company Overview

Our team represents decades of experience focused solely on habitational portfolios. This background enables us to fully understand our clients needs and protect those needs with one of our tailored risk management programs. We pride ourselves in delivering on the trust our clients place on us to protect their businesses.

NHI built its foundation on listening to our client's concerns and needs and using our expertise to address them. We look forward to helping you.





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Why NHI?

Working with NHI brings an unparalleled level of understanding and expertise to your organization. We pride ourselves on outperforming our competitors in each of the below skill sets:

Knowledge - NHI executives come from a rich background in affordable mulit-family acquisition, development, rehabilitation, and management. With nearly 70 years experience in the industry, our management team approaches risk management from the eyes of an owner. Our collective work experience provided an unmatched education to prepare us for habitational insurance. All members of our production team have actively been involved in origination, disposition, financing, rehabilitation, HUD approvals, REAC scoring, LIHTC syndication, tenant qualifications, 2530 approvals, to name a few. This has allowed us to understand all aspects of our client's daily operations and thusly all of the risks associated with this industry. Backed with this extensive knowledge, we are able to understand your needs, provide the right advice, and protect your portfolio.

Strength - NHI has developed strategic relationships with multiple highly rated national carriers based on strength, understanding, committment, and accountability. With our industry knowledge and our carrier's willingness to work together, we were able to educate and develop niche insurance programs that tailor coverages to the affordable housing industry. Through this process we have been able to shed many of the misconceptions associated with affordable housing and provide the broadest coverage at the most competitive price.

Consistency - By focusing on insuring affordable housing and its associated risks, NHI is at the cutting edge in the industry. With our large client base, we are the first ones to know when markets harden and when new markets emerge. We understand the frustration of last minute increases and restricted coverages 2 days prior to renewal. We also understand your frustration when an uncontrolled shock loss occurs once and you receive the uncertainty of a cancellation notice. NHI underwrites, competes, shops, and places this risk each and everyday. This allows us to offer multiple options under any circumstance well in advance of the renewal. We will take care of the risk under any scenario, leaving you to focus on your operations.

Servicing - NHI is more than an insurance agent for our clients; we become an asset to any company, especially when a loss occurs. It is precisely during the claims process where a real partnership with our clients is developed and long lasting relationships are cultivated. We will have an adjuster on-site reviewing losses no more than 24 hours of it being reported. Our team is available 24-7-365 with our clients having direct access to our principals. We promptly work to complete endorsement requests immediately upon receipt as well as certificate production for your owners, lenders, and additional insureds.

Flexibility - We never force our clients into boiler plate programs. We will listen and develop an understanding of your organization, identifying those specific concerns and needs that must be addressed, before selecting the risk management strategy for your organization. We can work with direct and layered options depending on the coverage needs and price sensitivities that may exist. We also offer premium financing options because we understand how important your bottom line truly is.

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Insurance Agents

NHI was co-founded by Andrew Bedard and Aaron Muse. Both remain principals of the organization today.

Andrew Bedard

Andrew Bedard

Aaron Muse

Aaron Muse

Frequently Asked Questions

What AM Best ratings do your carriers have?

We work to diligently place all of our insureds in policies with carriers that have AM Best A ratings or higher. These organizations also carry AM Best Financial Strengths of X and higher and they meet all the most stringent Fannie and Freddie (and other) loan requirements that we see in the marketplace.

What coinsurance do your carriers utilize?

Because of our leverage with our carrier partners, we are able to write 100% replacement cost programs with no coinsurance provisions for the vast majority of our insureds.

My property has aluminum wiring in it. Is this something you can write?

Absolutely. We have a number of carriers that will write aluminum wiring risks at very competitive rates. These carriers will entertain these properties whether or not the aluminum wiring has been remediated.

My property is in a Tier 1 wind area. Can you write these risks?

Yes. Tier 1 wind programs are one of our specialties and we have structured a number of programs with our carrier partners designed to write high wind risks at exceptionally competitive rates. This includes both primary property programs that exclude wind and then placing the wind coverage on a standalone basis with specialty programs, or utilizing wind-deductible buy-down programs to lower the deductible risks for our insureds that have properties in these locations.

My property is in a 100-year flood zone. Are these properties eligible for your programs?

NHI writes thousands of units nationally located in 100-year and 500-year flood plains. We have a number of flood programs available through both the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) and also private flood markets.

What Risk Management programs do you offer?

Through our carrier partners, NHI offers a number of training programs on risk management best practices. These include programs on risk transfer protocols, injury prevention, emergency preparedness, reporting claims, and dozens of other emerging topics. These training programs can also be tailored to fit the needs of our insureds. We also offer, with select carrier partners, free Loss Control Prevention visits.

Contact information

Please contact our marketing and sales manager Bob Baldacci if you wish to learn more about NHI.