Aaron Muse co-founded NHI after a successful career as a member of a national tax credit acquisition team. As a senior member of this team for 8 years, Mr. Muse originated a portfolio of over $100mm in successful real estate acquisitions, totaling over 2,400 units. Additionally, he has ownership interests in 24 properties, comprising over 2,000 units in total national scale. Mr. Muse has extensive knowledge of the components that lead to successful, tax-exempt bond financed acquisitions with the utilization of IRS Section 42 low-income housing tax credits.

In addition to co-founding NHI and helping to develop its book of business to encompass over 40,000 housing units, Mr. Muse has originated over 1,200 units of additional apartment acquisitions through his co-founded consulting company, Affordable Housing Solutions, LLC (AHS).

Mr. Muse is a graduate of Southern Maine Community College in South Portland, Maine and has a degree in Environmental Technology. He resides in Windham, Maine, with his wife and two children.